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If you live between the Arkansas State line on the East, Hardin Lane on the North, Old highway 112 on the West and James Fork Creek on the South, you live within the Town Boundaries of Rock Island, Oklahoma.


The Town Council meets on the 1st Tuesday of each month. These meetings are at 7:30 PM during the Daylight Savings period and 6:30 PM the remainder of the year.

We are currently working on our Town Ordinance Book which will define the direction our Community will take over the next several years. These Ordinances will help establish a stable, safe and ever improving community.

Presently, two ordinances have been adopted and we have combined them into one which governs the ability to place Mobile Homes in our community and the manner which they must be secured on the property.

In order to properly meet the needs and address the concerns of the Citizens of Rock Island, Oklahoma we need input from EVERYONE.

With this in mind, we ask that you attend the monthly Council meetings and let the Council know what YOU want and what community problems you want to see addressed. Without your participation, a major concern or problem might go unresolved.




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